Metro Vision Partners (MVP) is a community-based organization committed to making possibilities tangible realities for all. 


MVP is where ACTION partners with PASSION to create positive solutions and social change in our communities.

MVP is committed to 

  • Empowering our communities to create positive change
  • Respecting the diverse needs of its constituents  and meeting them at their place of need
  • Providing quality services utilizing evidence-based and best practice strategies
  • Partnering with existing organizations that are aligned with MVP's mission and goal



A.C.T. Job Assistance

Attain Cultivate and Train

Transformation Training Circle

What We Do

P.R.I.D.E. Mentoring Program
Promoting Resilience and Individual Desire to Excel

Metro Vision Partners, NFP

Small Business Incubation

Transform Lives

We provide individualized services to meet the needs of our participants (youth, adults, and seniors)


Transform Families

We offer support and resources to strengthen the family unit


Transform Communities

We advocate for equitable resources and community re-development

Daddy's Little Girl Initiative
Seniors On The Move (SOTM)
Transforming Lives. Transforming Families. Transforming Communities. 

A Word About MVP