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Transforming Lives. Transforming Families. Transforming Communities. 

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Metro Vision Partners (MVP), NFP is a 501(c)3 charitable entity. MVP seeks to impact the lives of youth and adults in the Chicagoland area by providing evidence-based programming and access to services.  MVP will continually work to meet our participants at their level of need. 

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  • P.R.I.D.E.Mentoring
  • Seniors On the Move (SOTM)
  • Daddy's Little Girl Initiative
  • IN THE CYPHER Teen Cub
  • Transformation Training Circle (Professional Development)
  • ​H.O.P.E. Games and C.H.I.L.L. Center
  • The Book Drop 

Calling All Seniors!


Looking for opportunities to socialize with peers? Are you interested in learning about your new smartphone, computer, and/or tablet/IPad? Then SENIORS ON THE MOVE (SOTM)is the place for you to be! Contact us at to hear about our upcoming activities.  



Looking for the real MVPs!


Do you love spoken word? Do you love to write? Then we need you to join the IN THE CYPHER Teen Club! Contact us at  or 866.296.2MVP (2687)





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